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Poetry is the music of the soul. If you have ever written a poem here's a chance to give it a platform with our free poetry site. Submit a poem in few easy steps and be a part of a vibrant poetry community. It's time to celebrate poetry with fellow poets and keep writing poems to your heart's content.

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Why Should I Publish Poems?

Because your thoughts matter to us. Because we want those poems to touch hearts and raise eyebrows. No matter how many poems you have written, you can submit poems online and we will help you get poetry readers and editors for literary review of poems.

What Happens After I Submit My Poems?

Once you submit your poems, it goes through an editorial process for quality check after which the community gets to read it and give their feedback on poems. That's not all, every poetry submission gets you an editorial review to help you enhance your poetry writing skills. We have published more than 1000 poems with the help of an impeccable Editorial Team.

Who Reads My Submitted Poems?

Every poetry lover we connect with reads your poem. And that is exactly the reason why you should publish poems with us. Once you are a part of this poetry community, you get to explore through hundreds of poets and thousands of poems. You get to reach like minded people and discuss poetry to no end. Now isn't that a synonym to bliss?

How To Submit Poems Online?

It's fairly simple. Register with your social networking ids or through your email and get started. Fill in the online poetry submissions form and submit poems in a jiffy. Why stop there? Read, share, express, appreciate and experience poetry day after day, verse after verse. If you wish to submit poems in bulk, you can mail them to us and we will take care of the rest.

What Are Poetry Groups?

It's an opportunity to celebrate popular poets, be it Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Rumi, Silvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, Khalil Gibran or Maya Angelou, there's a poetry group for each celebrated poet where you can submit their poems, discuss their poetry and share their work through audio poems, video poems, poetry quotes, poetry images or text poems. Sometimes reading poetry by your favourite poet could be an inspiration in disguise.

Promote Your Poetry Books

And that is the icing on the cake! If you have published a book of poems, we would love to promote it for you. Submit your poetry books and let your poems reach the perfect audience to get instant acclamation. Share with us your poetry book review, pictures and affiliate links of your poetry ebooks and websites from where poetry lovers can purchase them. You could be just a few clicks away from being a star. Well, you never know!

How Can I Connect With Poets

By appreciating their poetry, by sharing their poems, by following them and letting them know what you think of their poems. By being yourself and letting your poetry talk on your behalf, by enjoying the poetry experience and letting us know whenever you do. All members on HighOnPoems are waiting to read your poems. So think no more, there's a world of poems in store!

What Happens After My Poem Is Published?

That's when all the fun begins! You get an email once your poem is published and we share your poem on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and so on. Fellow poets read, like, share and comment on your poems thereby giving you all the appreciation, feedback and review you are seeking.