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Poet! The mere word has such elegance to it, such charm, such grandeur. Their imagination, their power of expression, the magic they cast on simple words makes them exceptional. And we, at HighOnPoems are truly blessed with such poets. Believe it or not, we all have a poet within us who wants to paint every image, every thought on the canvas of life and as they say 'we are constantly writing a poem.' A beautiful lyrical expression in form of an ode, elegy, sonnet or free verse. Explore our poets section comprising of an introduction to each poet, collection of their poems, published books of some poets and the poetry groups they are part of. Get to know the poets and their poetry, give them feedback or write a literary review on their poems. These poets are the heart and soul of HighOnPoems.com. They make us who we are. A salute and an applause!