Poetry Videos

Poems read and sung with visual effects to make it more effective. Call it video poetry, video-visual poetry, poetronica or media poetry, the digital techniques employed in these poems are sure to impress you. Because the best poems are the poems that move.

How To Be Alone

A video by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis. Davis wrote the beautiful poem and performed in the video which Dorfman directed, shot, animated by hand and edited. How beautiful it is to be alone, sit by yourself and take a quiet walk within.

To This Day

To This Day – A spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan. A soul stirring piece that will get you thinking. Little hearts and minds and fragile, handle them with care. Once broken, they are hard to repair.

How I received the LIGHT

A spiritual, rhythmic poem about how one is the other in disguise. About how one may only rise above it all by dropping everything in its entirety. Stitched together with an edit of the whole majestic chaos of life in all its endless ebbs and falls…give up the rising, give up the falling…