Poems written by Zyborg

One step a day

One step a day short poem

So easy to look back So difficult to forget past Each time I look back I can’t help but shiver at the thought Of the fight that lies ahead To be normal once more…. I am tired of fighting it

I Wonder

I Wonder short poem

Some times I feel that things have lost meaning small joys don’t matter any more we all are running to where, we don’t know. and once in a while we pause for someone who can’t run anymore then leave the


Hero short poem

Some times I feel disenchanted from the ordeal that is life. How good it would be to let go completely to have a free fall or get out of the rat race stand aside and laugh at the world even


इल्तिजा azad nazm

वो जो निशान बाकी रह गए हैं उन्हें मिटा दो, मेरे कहे जो सवाल हैं उन्हें भुला दो जहाँ कुछ याद ना रहे ऐसे जहाँ में ले चलो जहाँ तुम्हें भीड़ में ना खोजूं तुम्हारे गुम होने पर आंसू ना

Wait, Shall We?

Wait, Shall We? short poem

Wait for the clock to strike time wait for the right time to set it right no one can see where you are headed no one really cares as well it is your life, your choice, your path remember time