Poems written by Vandana Singh

Vandana Singh

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Writing is a gift that God has blessed me with, and my family, especially my mother, has always encouraged me with. Mankind has been my inspiration. Being a sensitive person, as all poets & writers usually are, I’ve always felt the workings of a human heart. Its aches, pains, laughter and joy have never failed to move me. My write-ups and poems are dedicated to all those human hearts who ache in silence...

तो क्या गुनाह है?

तो क्या गुनाह है? kavita

एक पल के लिए जो मैं ये सोच लूँ कि तुम सिर्फ़ मेरे हो, तो क्या गुनाह है? एक पल में जो ख़ुशी अपने दामन में छुपा लूँ ये सोचकर कि अब वो मेरे पास रहे, तो क्या गुनाह है?