Poems written by Stanly Samuel


Crush short poem

The dark circles may have been privy to your succumbence before an inorderly resonance.. you might have longed for his nights to brush your eye lids darker.. every morning was a story sketched in your eyes, every day were you


Gaze short poem

The morning sun lay bare its annoyance, Somewhere behind the ponderous smearing of clouds, While I took refuge under a thatched abandonment, To the surprise of some relieved onlooking crowd. When light couldn’t befit to restore contrast Between dawn and

The Bus

The Bus short poem

At times when the heart darts out before the words, And love spills over before dames all svelte and amused, By swooning to songs that blared ever so loud on the ears That even she could hear, Standing next to

Love And Lather

Love And Lather short poem

Come and I will let you love me too, Make it short and fine till it interests, Till the white old hair on my chin Stings your core to despise and move far. Make love with lather on your hands

Cost Of Love

Cost Of Love short poem

Such beautiful religions cutting across proclaiming love, sharing, forgiveness for all God came down earth while people followed got healed, blessed, punished and compassionately erect Yet some chose to balance against His pull proclaiming dissent to their years of belief


Anguish short poem

There is not a space left to withdraw, For the eyes to draw respite From seemingly cornering stares That seem to hold me tight Not more intrusive than a sweeping fly That rests to tinker the open savoury A thought


Stasia short poem

My eyes flicker by the breeze Fluttering between light and sleep It’s a day I choose to pen a note for my child After days that keep on ageing over her guarded smile I lie waiting to be summoned by


Unmasked short poem

The thoughts that remained stiffened for words That abated its desire to be free For foster feelings that could not hold release Finally attempts a cross over To be seen if not for its worth of wait Then, for the


Trapped short poem

I languish between talks all banal but hearty I hold my head down for all of it to pass To hit those looking to do some more of it This time with a smile, and come again at me I

Deep In The Abyss

Deep In The Abyss short poem

Deep in the abyss Where the land stops short And water relieves the hardened remains Of a path into an impressionable canvas It rewards it for being stony All this while For being someone else For not sinking under footprints


Winter short poem

Oh how I love the cold air you breathe Of which that merges into the summer is what I seek The only emotion that soaks in the mayhem around Is the one I have been blamed for having too much

The Third Tier

The Third Tier short poem

The quiet confines of a room of checked decibels, reverberated the voice that wished to be heard By earnest minds in casual cardigans, Caught in the challenge of solving cryptic numerics, Unabated even by gratuitous creeks of the wooden embodiment

हमारी अधूरी कहानी

हमारी अधूरी कहानी kavita

गिने चुने पलों में छुपी कुछ उन्माद की झड़ियाँ, बाकी पल सिमटा खींचने में तुम्हारी वापस ली हुई निशानी, कोई ऐसा न मिला तुम्हारे जाने के बाद जिसकी नज़रों की क़ुर्बत में बंधा पाऊँ, मेरी ख़ामोश लड़ियों का नायाब किनारा

वो मेरी भी

वो मेरी भी kavita

ऐसा नहीं था सालों पहले वाला प्यार, दिल में वो थी उसका सुन्दर रूप था, और था उसके दिल का वो मासूम कोना, जिसे बिखरा दिया था उसने मुझ पर, तन्हाई से गुज़रता हुआ एक पथिक जानकर मैं न उसका