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We are a species fuelled by obsessions. Every human achievement, and every infamy, is the result of an obsession that tormented, possessed and consumed.This is a selection of poetry about solitude and other obsessions that have distracted, driven, destroyed and / or defined us.Spanning genres, styles, emotions, time & place, these works by a collective of 5 poets are a glimpse into the obsessions that have become us.We are Uma Sudhindra, Binod Panda, Trupti Kalamdani, Dr. Shruti Arabatti and Saurin Desai Art by Shripad Bhalerao.You can order your paperback here India International UKAnd here's your chance to win a free copy of our book of poems, 'Solitude and Other Obsessions'... 20 copies up for grabs... Enter the Good Reads Giveway Contest here... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36226119-solitude-and-other-obsessions ... Hurry! Giveaway ends 3rd Oct, 2017.