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Shromona Pandit

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!I am a simple, seemingly quiet person wishing to make the most out of life's beautiful (and not so beautiful) things. I think a lot and learn a lot by thinking...sometimes too much for my own good. Try not to take me by face value. I'm a strong believer in love and the inner goodness of mankind (hey! Stop rolling your eyes!), it's rare perhaps, but it IS there! At this point I've stopped trying to figure out how people function, and have decided instead to live for the moment, and go where life takes me. So far, despite the obstacles and setbacks, life has been kind....and in every moment there are so many memories waiting to happen! Is life fair? No. But as a wise friend of mine once said....pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional! So my advice to all those struggling with life: Smile and breathe through each day! Life will unfold in due course.....Sometimes one overlooks the fact that although life is with us, WE are not with life. For now, I live each moment as if it is my last...so that in every moment I can rediscover and appreciate life in all its complexities.

A Shadow At Midnight

A Shadow At Midnight short poem

A Shadow moves in the corner of the eye, Sending a chill through the warm summer sky, Rustling trees seem to whisper your name, Doubling back from whence they came. Your footsteps match the thuds behind, You stop and turn


Freedom short poem

Freedom means little till it is gone, Be it to live or the right to be born, Freedom determined by a series of letters, More than the absence of shackles and fetters, Freedom is blinded by those who receive, Who