Poems written by Shreya Das

Shreya Das

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Many call me a feminist, a rebel! But I consider myself a 'Humanist'. I had my own phases of sorrow and challenges, but I still believe the world around can be changed, can be made beautiful for All! I love to express my thought and belief through my poems and essays and hope to make a difference in the readers' mind. I aspire to publish my work someday.


Bonita ballad

I remember the night you walked in, in your heels Your stilettos echoed and your red skirt jittered Your moves were strong and you did not keel They thought it was your Ouzo, and the crowd nattered As I dowsed

The Prussian Blue Kite

The Prussian Blue Kite ballad

A perfect breeze and a crystal blue sky, Speckled with colors of kites flying high. A little beyond, the rainbow smears its color On the Prussian Blue Kite that glides in valor. The crowd beneath rejoice and cheer, As his