Poems written by Shahla Latifi

Shahla Latifi

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Shahla Latifi was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and now she lives and writes in Florida. Her first Farsi poetry selection (Parastootah) published in 2013 and her second Farsi poetry collection (Asal Wahshi) published in 2015. Many of her poems deal with topics such as love, humanity, equality, and happiness. She began writing in her native tongue of Farsi but recently started writing in English to reach a younger generation. Shahla Latifi does not follow any particular style; mostly her poems follow this outline: 1- Free verse 2- Poem with a Refrain 3- Narrative Poem She does not have one particular theme present in all her work; rather she has several that are common in her work. These include love, nature, humanity and universal peace.

A Grand Poem

A Grand Poem short poem

“I love you like a grand poem.” Like a poem that reflects the beauty of night In the arms of a sleeping lover Through his content breath Into the sweet scent of satisfaction “I Love you like a grand poem.”

Raw Pleasure

Raw Pleasure long poem

My thoughts are swaying in my heart When I think of the warmth of one’s skin on mine I tremble with that thought I smile with my lips tight And I taste raw pleasure As I see the full moon