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prabitha balasubramanian

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A law student by day and an amateur writer a bit later in the day. Disclaimer : I am not particularly scholarly to be considered a poet. My poems are mostly still in the TRY part of poetry. And with that sad observation I hope to post and improve my writing. Why I do it: Sometimes I find the soothing rhythm of poetry somewhat simplifies a complexity and is the perfect way to unwind and undo those knots. So as long as my head gets knotty, my refuge will lie in poetry.

Time Teller

Time Teller long poem

Darkness and quietness all around me Except for your constant tick Doesn’t that painfully prick! So trick the play and take the pause I’ll applause and I swear not to be cross. You always march, night and day Where is

Queen Page

Queen Page long poem

She doesn’t look like much White,flat and pale on a ghostly scale Nothing mesmerising to touch But without her consent I can tell no tale. She is proud of her spotless white shroud This picky princess seldom settles For wearing