Poems written by Nikita Goel

Nikita Goel

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Nikita Goel is currently working as a Managing Editor for upcoming International Poetry Anthology - Purple Hues. She is a Writer ,Blogger and a Counselor. Nikita is a Contributing Author in A Phase Unknown Women - A Tribute Anthology and Co-Poet at Purple Hues and Rhymes and Rhythms. She has completed her Masters in English Literature and has been pursuing French Language. She has worked as a Content Writer for Online Educational Portal - Educationnest. Working for an NGO , SOS has been her favorite part of her professional and spiritual journey. A hardcore believer of Karma and Law of Attraction. She believes that all the Universe , including stars, sky, planets and moons work for you through your mind."What you think you become " is her way of living Life. Her passion for writing made her pursue " Script Writing Course " during her stay in Los Angeles at Pierce College under the guidance of Noel Annenberg , the celebrated Author of an International Seller - A Dog Boy" She has been blogging for more than 5 years and has earned admirers worldwide. She has won many Prizes and Competitions for her creative writing. Her Blog "The Enchantress " is about celebration of Life. It's about being yourself and accepting every inch of who you are .It talks about happiness being inside and God being not in churches. She is a Misfit, she belongs to nobody. She stares at the sky like it's her home. She years to be somewhere ,She belongs to the ANGELS. Writing is to her what Breathing is to Us .It's her way of worshiping God .