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Naaz Fatima Khan

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I won't call myself a writer or a poet. In simple words, Iam expressive in my own ways. And it comes out of me unasked! I love to connect with the happenings or the people around and love more to express and write about their untold part of stories. This is not somethin my mind does for me but this defines my soul. My soul connects with the stories of universe and through my words I want to touch many lives, many souls!!

Closed Words

Closed Words short poem

An astonishment and a try.. A tear of smile and a happy cry! Sudden jolts and a turnback.. Smooth steps and a rough track! A hope of beginning when end arrives.. When inside the ground a seed strives! How long

Another Morning

Another Morning long poem

There was a bright light again.. It’s a morning after a night rain! The petrichor was around that place.. No doubt,drops’re drying with all grace! Serene it was to feel the wet on leaf.. The dust pulled out with a

तुमसे दूर माँ

तुमसे दूर माँ kavita

कौन सा ख़्वाब चाहूँ कि नींद आ जाये कैसे बंद करूँ आँख कि नींद आ जाये सोचती ही रहूँ कि बस यूँ ही देखती ही रहूँ गर सोचूँ भी तो क्या कि नींद आ जाये मनचाहे ख़्वाब देखने की कोशिश

The Dust Rise

The Dust Rise long poem

In the next moment of her journey, The life itself evaporating from the track ! The sinking thoughts are hell scary, Rain was dreadful when she’s out of shack ! Leaving her home and everyone there with teary eyes, Dont