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John D'Arco

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Born: October 19, 1944 Education: St. Ignatius H.S/ University of Miami/ Loyola University of Chicago/ DePaul University school of Law-J.D. degree Employment: Attorney/ State senator in Illinois/ C.E.O Lorraine Hotel, South Beach, Fl./ UAIG B/I Litigation Coordinator-present Vocation: Poet and Philosopher Children: John, Mia, and Robert Grandchildren: Marcello, Mariana, John, eliana, calina,

Then And Now

Then And Now prose poem

We’ve come full circle; then and now Moves that cost us dearly in lives and money History haunts; images sworn never to be repeated Arrogance, revenge, power: players in this cosmic tragedy Characters, movie-like, camouflage reality, pretend it was the

The World Is Exploding

The World Is Exploding short poem

The world is exploding; candidates issuing statements; Dow falling Funniness is old news; Bush’s dumbness; Gore’s sighs turn to nothing Middle East: hatred is on fire Yugoslavia: a revolution; payback time; old guard holding on Persian Gulf: a bomb blows