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What can I say about myself here? You'll get to know about me,my rhymes and my life once we get in touch. But one thing I can tell you,(they say) : all of these are very much interesting and I am really a nice person to be friends with. Now,I cant say much about what they say,but I believe we all are (somewhat) nice persons.I am just Living #YOUNG and #WILD and #FREE !!

Broken Apart

Broken Apart short poem

All my love and efforts baby, went away in vain How harshly you did it, left me here in pain People here say I am acting crazy And I feel, I’m going insane They haunt me, those cursed dreams With

You Cannot

You Cannot short poem

You can’t get away like this girl You will not get it this easy You will have to cry a lot just like me – You will feel dizzy Just as I cry in these lonely nights And it feels

Pain Of Love

Pain Of Love long poem

Do you ever feel a little choked up? Were you dreaming good and suddenly woke up? Like all was going smooth but you suddenly broke up- into tears – but a sly smile just soaked up- all of them,and you

सबूत है

सबूत है kavita

ये दर्द सबूत है मेरे प्यार का मैं इसे मिटा नहीं सका लाख कोशिश करी यादें ज़हन से हटा नहीं सका ये वो बातें हैं जो मेरे दिल की गहराईयों में बसी हैं दुनिया की सबसे प्यारी आवाज़ उस लड़की