Poems written by Don Greywolf Ford

Don Greywolf Ford

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I am a storyteller from the word go. Some of it's real and some of it's imagined. My goal is to entertain, maybe turn a few smiles right side up. An artist from my youth, I write and paint in different colors. For the past four years I have entertained the “older kids” with my storytelling and poetry at retirement homes all around my area. I'm well published across the U.S., and have work in Portugal and Cyprus with connections in 62 other countries. I'm recognized as a Native American Storyteller and Poet Laureate of my town. FAVORITE QUOTE by me: "When writers try to fly their works, some of them fall down. But they must always flap their wings - to get off of the ground."

My Time In Space

My Time In Space prose poem

I climbed so very high I’m sure I finally touched the sky Finding an opening there I had to clamber through Now stars are my companions No longer am I alone The breadth and depth of stardust I’ve left for