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Edo Castro

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I'm a bassist and composer for close to 40 years. I began writing poetry about as long as I've been playing Bass. Most of my writing up to the last 10 years was schlock. I think I've managed to cull the vapid, and perhaps nurture something more mature in my writing. Sometimes my poems are love driven, other times they're just thoughts spurred on by the moment. Whatever the case, I hope that what I conjure up is emotive, provocative and at best entertaining.

As I Gave Into You

As I Gave Into You short poem

The drying flowers sat in the vase as you strolled through my thoughts. Where were you? I was here with my coffee, cold… waiting… Breakfast became slow time sat across the table staring… waiting… You were stealing this passing moment

When We Meet

When We Meet ode

When we meet, you’ll catch me up on all your birthdays that I missed. The time you lost your keys to the car when you went for a hike and found them in your backpack, but in a different pocket