Poems written by Dan Speers

Dan Speers

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Dan Speers has been observing weather for three quarters of a century and writing about it and other subjects for almost as long. His earliest poems were published in the 1950s. His poem based on people and events in Haverhill, “So Very Cold Outside,” was first published in Margie, The American Journal of Poetry, vol., 5, as one of six American Journal finalists in 2006. Another poem, “Does Anyone Know I’m Here?” placed first out of 2,500 entries in the International 2005 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest sponsored by Tom Howard Books. His web site, www.citizenpoet.com, offers occasional poetic commentary on politics, society and events of the day, as well as short stories, essays, and experimental poetry. His most recent work is his commemorative poem, From “Wilderness to Renaissance,” a celebration of Haverhill’s 375th birthday in 2015.

December Frost

December Frost short poem

O vague December strangely mild, Thy leaves are restless, hanging on. No winter wind has yet blown wild With days so warm. The birds fritter and greet each dawn; No flights of fall have fain begun. Alas, December’s warm and