Poems written by Austin Hill Shaw

Austin Hill Shaw

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Austin Hill Shaw is the founder of Creativity Matters. He works with individuals who want to unlock their full creative potential and organizations that want to build cultures of innovation. Through his keynotes and trainings, workshops, retreats, online courses, and one-on-one coaching, his life purpose is to empower others as creators. He is the author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative, and inventor of The Creativity Quiz and the The Creator’s Cheat Sheet. He resides in Berkeley, California with his wife, Epiphany, and their daughters, Sierra Lucia and Lorenza Delmar. Find out more about his innovative offerings at www.austinhillshaw.com.


Balloons long poem

1 When I was a little boy I watched a balloon wiggle itself free and spiral upwards towards where I thought might be Heaven. I don’t recall the circumstance— whether it was a birthday party or the circus, or the

Sometimes I Crack

Sometimes I Crack long poem

Sometimes I crack and the hammer of a thousand lifetimes descending on this pregnant point pauses in mid air and the hole I’m driven into instead becomes a tunnel. Sometimes I crack and binding bonds- familiar, social, covalent, ionic- dissolve