Poems written by Anita Sharma

Moon Awake

Moon Awake short poem

awake and lonely someone said Just look at me somewhere someone, is looking right at you, turned around wonder, who are you? he replied, its me moon awake Sad, alone for centuries, awe Sun leave, cerise. while afar. . .

An Abandoned Bride (escaped Groom)

An Abandoned Bride (escaped Groom) ballad

Left in fuchsia, left awful, never happen, smiled and gazed, waited until twilight, never came, , left solo, left naught, left heartbroken, no place to be found. ran, barefoot and red, eyes blurry with pain. left me, escaped passed strangers,

केसरिया ये रंग पिया

केसरिया ये रंग पिया geet

नटखट मोरे जब तो माखन खाये, माँ जसोदा का लाडला बाबा नन्द का दुलारा माँ देवकी की आँखों का तारा पिता वसुदेव का प्यारा सबको भाये, तुझ बिन मोहे कुछ नाहि भाये, तोहि प्रेम बन्सुरि जब सुनूँ तो बन्धन लाज

Prejudice A Scourge

Prejudice A Scourge prose poem

A scourge Of mankind. Hate A person Before we talk and walk That is no way Right. It is every way Wrong. want a special kind Of prejudice. wish to pre-judge Everyone beautiful Lovely gorgeous Redeemed Forgiven And love them