Abstract Poems

Abstract poems bring the best collection of short and long abstract poetry. Poems for him and her and every poetry lover. These great abstract rhymes are so amazing they will touch your heart and keep you craving for more. Hope you find your own deep meanings in these abstract poems. They are decent, rhyming, free spirited and true. Thoughts on abstract are here for you.


Scream short poem

And when she began to speak I opened her mouth just wide enough to look inside. Stretching her mouth as wide as I could get it without causing pain. I looked around directing her head in the light. Highlighting everything

My Name Is Photon

My Name Is Photon long poem

A glowing presence appeared before me; was I awake or was I asleep? I thought her first a stranger; she wasn’t a stranger at all. “What is your name?” I asked. She answered: “My name is Photon.” I thought how

Sweet Chaotic Love

Sweet Chaotic Love ode

Torrents of beautiful deluge Wave after wave breaking ground Swells of blood drenched romance Death nowhere to be found Downpours falling from heaven Angelic hail slamming the earth A breath upon my neck before the biting begins My heart a

Mimic Life

Mimic Life long poem

Distinguishment The labours of impression The ascent apparent in its brute The uproar which soon I fear perceives an inglorious seclusion Most amiable and devoted My mode of life was in behalf of my hunger And I rise from its

Sent To The Breakers

Sent To The Breakers short poem

Having to forget you is a misconception. I understand that things happen and these things we often have no control over. Consequence. Watching the boat leave it’s pier is one of the most beautiful things. My honest opinion. The beginning

An Absurd Wish

An Absurd Wish long poem

I once had two sparkling eyes full of hopes, But the familiar forces made them blind. They made sure to check on my survival frequently, But that was just to butcher my innocence. I cried out loud for help every

Poems containing references to : Abstract

Old Tree And Me

Old Tree And Me short poem

There are only dusk and dawn, cloud and sky, Old tree and me, pieces of regret and cry. Only the waves of spreading wings of bird, Not even a single voice of a single word. If loving is an abstract

मैं, मेरा, मुझे

मैं, मेरा, मुझे kavita

मेरे माथे को सिंदूर देके मेरे विचारों को समेट दिया मेरे गले को हार से सजाया पर मेरी आवाज़ को बांध दिया मेरे हाथों मे चूड़ियों का बोझ डालके उन्हें भी अपना दास बना दिया मैं फिर भी खुश थी

Little Lost Lassie

Little Lost Lassie short poem

(Often wonder at the children neglected, orphaned or left to their devices. And cropped up a poem, on their battles and their victories.) There once lived a little lost lassie… In a small town strewn with people busy. Oft, Unheard,

To Be A Butterfly

To Be A  Butterfly short poem

As a little child, I always wanted to be a butterfly but as I was growing up, the people who were heart of mine took little by little & piece by piece according to their capacity , and instead of

He comes…

He comes... short poem

He comes in like a buccaneer, tip toed Into her life, conquering her dreams Adding his own sweet hues and mystifying music To her silence, deadly and intrepid She wonders how each thought of his Gives her joy and brings

Dirty Games

Dirty Games short poem

People play the dirty games, all for little fun or some fame. They hide behind the fake smile, deceiving the look in their eyes. They fail to hear the human heart, so miserably they tear it apart. Their empty laughs

Deep Down

Deep Down short poem

I don’t know how it would be Down there deep inside a womb. Probably dark, probably warm, Probably wet There amidst all the hustle and bustle A ball, consisting of water and flesh Starts to grow Unknown, Unnoticed, Unaware Swimming


She short poem

Every brunt she has to bear. Every music she has to face. Learn to value the word ‘she’ my dear. Because she is the whole humanity’s base. She encapsulated you when you were a homogenised matter. She bore the dreadful


मोह kavita

सारी खुशियों का यह जोड़ है सभी दुखों का यह निचोड़ कभी बनता है ताकत करता कभी कमज़ोर है मोह, भावना के सागर में संवेदना की लहरों सा कभी देता सहारा तो कभी तलाशता सहारा, कभी रिश्तों में जीवंतता के


रणगाथा kavita

युद्ध ही आदि है, युद्ध ही अंत है. युद्ध ही विकास है, युद्ध ही विनाश है. युद्ध ही तेरा धर्म है योद्धा, युद्ध ही तेरा इम्तिहान है. रणभूमि की गोद से निकला योद्धा, तू युद्ध से भी विशाल है. शिकन

Black Moon

Black Moon short poem

He made me move on the rough edges to the abyss of ‘ I ’, persuasive, but strong for a thrilled journey, on the snow-clad relationship between disquieting follicles of wants. Completely alert, still drowning in fear of abstract river,


Years long poem

Looking at you, From atop our staircase- I could see so many years, Flash through, In that space of time. Albeit, you looked, Devastatingly handsome- If I may, say so- Yet I could not help, But notice- The lighter grey

Mysterious Love!

Mysterious Love! short poem

The beauty and depth in your eyes, like the deep red rose’s appraise. the mystery and attraction of your face, Fascinate and amaze me with utter grace. Rose planted in my heart’s garden, started to bloom and brighten. my words

A Walk Through The Shadows

A Walk Through The Shadows long poem

The Shadow of a Broken Word do you see? The Shadow of a Lifeless Entity Beneath your feet. The sunray hits your face where you glow, Shadowy tears on the other side so flow, Which you are afraid to show.


Dreams long poem

Dreams: dreams Very dangerous dreams die, The absence of a target, the obsession to be buried in a pile of sand, Wake up in the morning to carry around all day life, Curse lives on in the night and go

Infinite Seclusion

Infinite Seclusion short poem

Ephemeral landscapes Anything for an ethereal escape. Through trodden lands come fatuous perceptions. As though materials fade behind the shadowy hem of night, Hasty winds succumb through numerous violations. Empty space here, concrete expressions of plight Downward facing valleys may


Time short poem

Tick Tock Tick Tock Hickory Tickory tock Benevolence is the creature Amidst of all Time is not a river of mystery precisely present, future & history Time is mighty watches over us The abstract deity records and focus Time is


Wrinkles prose poem

(1) My grandmother, may God have his mercy on her, still keeps the role of the hero; her face wrinkles are a leather book open to all interpretations; the falling of her teeth are the lost evidence on present time;

कुछ ख़्वाब

कुछ ख़्वाब ghazal

कुछ ख़्वाब न देखें तो गुज़ारा नहीं होता, जो हमारा है हक़ीकत में.. हमारा नहीं होता| गर उसकी नज़र से मेरी नज़र मिल जाए, दुनिया में इससे खूबसूरत नज़ारा नहीं होता| कुछ ख़्वाब न देखें तो गुज़ारा नहीं होता… तुम

Her Fancy For Fancy World

Her Fancy For Fancy World short poem

She is a girl of ten and six fixing her keen round eyes on tiny mobile of red hue In her fair palm, swaying dizzily on the busy pavement unaware Of herself suddenly stunned to face a scooty before her

Pride Of The Nation

Pride Of The Nation short poem

A tie of life full of affection With a common dream for eternal continuation. Building a haven filled with passion Along comes a gift with a task of attention. A pensive journey through the long duration The whole nine months

Losing Yourself

Losing Yourself short poem

Found yourself yet, or running around in circles, finding a corner to sit, and think on what’s left, and what’s right to do? Took a dive into dark seas, or mesmerized by light enough, to see what’s deserved, or just

Journey To Another Landscape

Journey To Another Landscape long poem

I was left behind in the real world With all its possible embodiments The ends of which are purely ideological And only relevant when necessary Even so, being has its comforts Namely that I live within my skin A personified

Journey To Another Landscape

Journey To Another Landscape long poem

I was left behind in the real world With all its possible embodiments The ends of which are purely ideological And only relevant when necessary Even so, being has its comforts Namely that I live within my skin A personified

बोलना था जब

बोलना था जब ghazal

बोलना था जब, तभी लब कुछ नहीं बोले बोलना था जब नहीं, बेबात भी बोले काग जैसे बोलते हरदम रहे नेता ग़म यही कोयल सरीखे क्यों नहीं बोले? परदेस की ध्वजा रहे फ़हरा अगर नादां निज देश का झंडा उठा

One Simple Day

One Simple Day short poem

For honour killing twilight adulates an abstract faith. Tainted? Now that mouth was shut and butterfly was pinned, will you grow the marigolds? The empty book was not breathing in a crowd of words. The bitter meaning had flown away.

Lycanthrope – A Fragment

Lycanthrope   A Fragment short poem

When distant chimes announce the midnight hour, And full the milky moon hangs in the sky; I hope to meet again your dan’rous power, And pray this abstract love at last can die. Each nearing step, each heavy, panting breath,


Blameless? short poem

Rebirth of an anxiety, of an abstract thought, takes on the impossible of something left between false and true. Out of spite some body was betraying the life. A bodiless lie becomes an imposter beats the truth and walks away.

हाज़िर हो

हाज़िर हो geet

समय न्यायधीश की लगती अदालत, गीत! हाज़िर हो, लगा है इल्ज़ाम तुम पर गिरगिटों सा बदलते हो रंग, श्रुति-ऋचा या अनुष्टुप बन छेड़ दी थी सरसता की जंग, रूप धरकर मन्त्र का या श्लोक का शून्य करते भंग, काल की

अंतर में अंतर

अंतर में अंतर doha

अंतर में अंतर पले, तब कैसे हो स्नेह अंतर से अंतर मिटे, तब हो देह विदेह अंतर = मन / भेद देख रहे छिप-छिप कली, मन में जागी प्रीत देख छिपकली वितृष्णा, क्यों हो छू भयभीत? छिप कली = आड़

Why Do You Run?

Why Do You Run? prose poem

Sound Many sounds Living sounds A world is built with sounds Who is speaking? There are emotions Is madness an emotion? The question A common noise Out of the endless loop of noise a sound emerges Can you hear it?


बैराग kavita

कल कल करता कलपुर्ज़ों का कलुषित सा यह कोलाहल बरस रहा इस भू पटल पर रक्तबीज सा है हलाहल, दौड़ रहा यहाँ हर कोई कुछ पाने की चाहत में अजब विहंगम दृश्य यहाँ है सागर मध्य खड़ा प्यासा है, दुनिया

अब हम ही कहाँ थे

अब हम ही कहाँ थे kavita

आई जो खुशियाँ, ग़म को भुलाते रह गए दूसरों के दर्द से वाकिफ़ ही कहाँ थे आज जो आया सफ़र में, कल को ढूंढते रह गए किसी और से कदम मिलाने का होश ही कहाँ था खड़े जो हुए ठोकरों


लेकिन vyang

कितना शोर कितनी आवाज़ें हैं यहाँ, कान होकर भी जो कभी सुनाई नहीं देतीं, अजीब इत्तेफ़ाक़ है या कहो विडम्बना है, जब कभी की खुद को शांत करने की कोशिश मन को, माया को क्रोध को, सभी को बंद करने