How do I submit a poem?
You can submit all your original poems right here – Submit your poem

How many poems can I submit at a time?
You can submit only one poem at a time. But if you have like 300 poems and no time to keep submitting each one separately, just share the link of your blog or facebook page and we will pick up your poems and submit them all from the backend.

Are all submitted poems published?
Nope! All submitted poems are reviewed by our editors. Based on the quality, language, content and grammatical errors every poem is rated. If the rating is below 4, the poem is rejected. Only selected poems are posted on our website. If our poem is selected to be published, you will be notified via email. Even if it is rejected, an email will be sent to you with reasons for rejection.

Who owns the copyright of poems?
Just the poet! All poems published on will be published with the name of the author. All the poems sent by members should be original. If any member sends someone else’s poem with their name, their account would be banned immediately. By submitting poems, the poet has agreed that their poems can be published by on their website. If you feel your poem has been published on this site without your permission, you can contact us and ask us to remove the specific poem from the site, this will be done immediately. Please include the URL where the poem is posted, the URL where you originally posted the poem, as well as other relevant information proving the poem is yours.
The publishing rights for all the other material on this website belongs to These materials cannot be used without permission of

How do I find a poem?
Use our Search Bar to find the poem you wish to read. You can also browse poems through categories and tags.

Can I use the content on
Well, yes and no. If you use the content on with the author’s name, there is no problem at all. But using poems without the poets name is copyright infringement and might put you in trouble. Kindly refrain from doing so.

You may email or print content which belongs to as long as you clearly label the source as and give due credit to the author.
You may post content which belongs to on the internet, only if you include a working clickable do follow link back to the webpage where you found it and you quote as the source. We have sharing options on the website, through which you can share the content.

Why can’t I see my poem on the website?
There are two possibilities. Either it’s rejected by our moderators or it’s in the queue to be published. In both cases you will be notified with an email.

Why wasn’t my comment posted?
Chances are it may not have been reviewed yet. Also, if your comment has any abusive or sensitive content our moderators will filter and reject it.

How can I delete my poems and/or account?
Once you have created your account and submitted your poems, it will not be deleted.
Though it sounds stern here’s a genuine reason to do so – Once you submit poems on the site our team of text and image editors work on each poem individually to give it a desired look and feel. A lot of time is spent by the editing team on each poem. And we can’t let all that effort go down the drain.
We are open to changing images and doing minor edits on published work. Let us know and we can always work out a way. You can also choose to let your poems be on the site and not post anything further.

How do I logon to
It’s simple. Click here and you will reach our login page. Follow Sign Up instructions if you are a new user or simply login using your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password you can reset it by clicking forgot password link on the login page. You can also login using your Facebook identity. The point is you get there – by hook or by crook!

How do I get in touch with my fellow poets?
We have a separate page with list of all poets on Just find your favourite poet, click on their name and you will be taken to their page. Once you are on your favourite poet’s page, you can read their work, leave comments and ratings and send them personal messages in their inbox.

Who are the moderators/editors and what do they do?
Well, let us first introduce you to our Moderators and Editors. They are our support system. They screen and review each and every poem. They have the authority to accept and reject poems. Every published poem will have a Moderator’s review with it. We cannot imagine running without them.

I have a question that is not listed here.
We’ll be more than glad to answer it. Mail your queries to HighOnPoems at gmail dot com