Friedrich Nietzsche – A Philosophical Poet

Wisdom from Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil

  • Friedrich Nietzsche – A Philosophical Poet
    Mohammed Doucheman

    Under conditions of peace the warlike man attacks himself.

    One ought to depart from life as Odysseus departed from Nausicaa. Blessing it rather than in love with it.

    The disappointed man speaks : “I listen for an echo and I heard only praise.”

    Today a man of knowledge might easily feel as if he were God become animal.

    The greatest epochs of our life are the occasions when we gain the courage to re-baptize our evil qualities as our best qualities.

    Disgust with dirt can be so great that it prevents us from cleaning ourselves – from “justifying” ourselves.

    Where the tree of knowledge stands is always Paradise: thus speaks the oldest and the youngest serpents.

    Objection, evasion, happy distrust, pleasure in mockery are all signs of health. Everything unconditional belongs in pathology.

    Madness is something rare in individuals. But in groups, parties, people, ages it is the rule.

    Pity in a man of knowledge seems almost ludicrous, like sensitive hands on a cyclops.

    The familiarity of the superior embitters, because it may not be returned.

    One has been a bad spectator of life of one has not also seen the hand that in a considerate fashion – kills.

    The charm of knowledge would be small if so much shame did not have to be overcome on the road to it.

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