Editorial Board

What is HighOnPoems Editorial Board?
Many poets, both amateur and experienced, pen down their verses and send them to us. With heaps of poems piling up, the editorial board helps us decide which ones to choose and which ones to pass. They screen every poem (for grammar, content quality, controversial themes and so on) and once the poem passes through a thorough filter, the same get published. The EB then reviews every composition.
So every poem you read at HighOnPoems is well analysed to give you a great reading experience.

Who forms the Editorial Board?
People like you and me. Who enjoy poetry, who understand poems and who are absolutely passionate about it. Here’s a little bit about our editors.

  • Editorial Board
    Mother says I used to chatter gibberish in rhyming words when I didn’t know how to speak.” That seems to have stayed on and though she has been a banker by profession who has also dabbled in event management and wedding planning, she is a self confessed poetry addict who reads poetry like people read fiction. Poetry is as vital as the air one breathes for her. She writes in Urdu and English and maintains a blog at Life is my Best Friend. She has now quit her job in order to be able to fully live and experience the magical world of words.
  • Editorial Board
    बचपन से जो सब ने कहा वो कभी नहीं किया | जो खुद चाहा वो कभी कर नहीं पाए | पेट की ज़रुरत घर से बाहर ले आई और दिल की ज़रुरत कागज़ कलम तक | दाना दाना खाब पिसते गए फिर ग़ज़ल बनी, गीत बने, नज्में बनी, मिसरे निकले और फिर मामला किस्से कहानियों तक पहुंचा | आज दिवस गुप्ता हिन्दुस्तानी नज्में लिखने के साथ साथ अपना खुद का थिएटर चलाते हैं जिसमें वो अफ़साने लिखने के साथ अदाकारी और निर्देशन भी करते हैं | दिवस गुप्ता की आज़ाद नज्मों में उनके अपने किस्से और अनुभव छलकते हैं | ज़िंदगी और उससे जुड़ी हर चीज़ को वो बहुत करीब से महसूस करने की कोशिश करते हैं जो उनकी नज्मों में भी नज़र आता है|
  • Editorial Board
    A poet at heart and a techie at brain, Veerendra has been in a relationship with poetry for a decade now. He mostly writes in Hindi and maintains a blog named Veeransh. Poetry for him is a celebration – of emotions, of moments and of thoughts. The only question on our mind for now is – how does this serial entrepreneur get the time to write? Passion, you are a true inspiration!
  • Editorial Board
    She wrote her first poem when she was in class 7th. Since then, the journey has been quite an experience. Chandrama writes in English, Hindi and Marathi and has two books of Marathi poems to her credit. Being a content writer professionally, Chandrama maintains a poetry blog called When words breathe. She says she gets this wonderful feeling within when someone refers to her as a poet. It’s like someone saying – you’re so beautiful.

Any way I can join the Editorial Board?
Ofcourse you can! We would love to have you as an editor at HighOnPoems. Just contact us and we’ll take it forward from there.