About Us

We all are constantly writing a poem. Some just choose not to put it on paper.

HighOnPoems is a creative platform for amateur poets to publish and share their work by being a part of the most interesting poetry community. Our objective is to encourage poets thereby enhancing communication within the literary fraternity. There are many who write poems, but these verses stay hidden in the pages of an old diary. Some manage to put up a blog but are unsuccessful to reach those zillion like-minded people who can relate to their words. That’s where we come in picture. We urge poets to write, share their work, communicate with fellow poets and live the poetry experience to the fullest.

Started by two passionate poets – HighOnPoems launched with an aim to take poetry to a different level altogether. To foster sharing of self written poetry amongst friends, bring in diverse themes, varied forms of poems and a vibrant forum where poetry can be discussed to no limits. We are surrounded by brilliant poets, magical thoughts and great verses. They all bloom and fade out without anyone’s notice. At HighOnPoems, we are constantly striving to nurture and nourish this garden of poems. Like William Hazlitt beautifully puts it – “Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life.

So join in, celebrate poetry and get HighOnPoems!