Beauty Of Darkness

Beauty Of Darkness prose poem

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The Night seems to be so ‘Haunted’.
He scares us with his ‘Beauty’ and makes us so comfort with his ‘Darkness’.
He is someone who doesn’t talk but listens to everything.

When Night is awake every life is dead.
But don’t you dare take it that way because he can even make dead come alive.
He hypnotizes nature and it seems as nature is ‘Sleepwalking’.

He is probably singing a ‘Lullaby’, wondering for whom ?.
Then it strikes, snoring are the dead and drowsing are the souls.

Many unearthly creatures are born which enliven the night.
With his power to create ‘Black Magic’, he can even deceive us.
Beware!,he can even kill your consciousness and you will forget
that you are living in a world of humans.

He will lure you and take control of you because this is what he is at his best.
Just flicker your eyes around,you will find that you are not alone ,
bound by the beauty of ‘UNIVERSE’, you will always feel someone.

I was once strolling in a deserted lane .
Suddenly shivers ran down by my spine,fear ran through my blood.
When I asked myself,”whom I am afraid of ? “,
I heard a cry far away from the dimension .
Was that the Answer or Warning ?I could only wonder.

When you step out of home at Midnight hour you will even gobble up your ‘Adam’s Apple’.
He need not paralyze you, perhaps your fear will, sure paralyze your body
and your soul will struggle to find its way out.

By the time you have read all this,
you will lose yourself in a world of
‘ILLUSION’ where night have taken control of you and others.

And right now you have become one of the Deadly known creatures
called ‘Zombies’!……..Scary isn’t it ?………..

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