Passion short poem

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We kissed and set the wheels in motion.
Driven wild, I crashed upon your curves.
No control, let loose lust’s potion.
Set adrift on sensory swerves.
See me drowning in your eyes.
Taste the poison from your lips.
Ignite me with your thighs.
Fan the flames with your hips.
Keep time with pulses racing.
Bodies writhing, burning heat begin.
Elusive rhythm. Ever chasing.
Feel the fever from within.
Oh sweet sensation.
Death spasm.
Heavenly death.
Catching breath.
Heart rate slowing.
Sated bodies cooling.
Achieved that satisfactory glowing.
Shared love, who are we fooling?
Fleeting sex our only connection.
Think again. A resurrection.

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What can I say? Hope you enjoyed the —writing


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