Failure short poem

As twilight calls curtain to end the day,

I feel so small, I tower among ants,

As I reckon the faults from where I lay,

For nightly rest, even as regret rants;

The bells at dusk, now toll for glory lost,

To mourn the passage of a chance gone by,

My ego riles, upon counting the cost,

Of shoring heaven for a higher sky;

And now, the ill winds blow, though not the norm,

When luck bestows favors, none is assured,

The best to rise up to the raging storm,

Might be to kiss the ground, footwork secured;

…….Until the good times, in the morning light,

…….For yet, another day, another fight.

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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Arti Honrao

Beautifully written!
“The bells at dusk, now toll for glory lost,
To mourn the passage of a chance gone by,”

My favourite lines.

Keep writing



Failure short poem

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