Cat Fight

Cat Fight short poem

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Monitoring for movement, scanning expectantly for signs.
Electric eyes, barely blinking.
Knowing the prey and her hiding places.
Prowling the night, thoughts blacker than the surrounding darkness.

Staccato stalking, sleek and streamlined, she smells the air.
Nervous nose, almost aquiver.
Senses tingling in anticipation, ready for certain combat.
Tracking the scent, single-minded in pursuit.

Lissom and languid, listening for active quarry.
Ears erect, straining sounds.
Auditory alertness, acoustically aware.
Zoning in with obsessive and voracious intent.

Locating the enemy, and fuelled to frenzy,
The charge is swift as a lightening thrust.
Claws clashing, stilettos stabbing.
Wildcats wailing with foul-mouthed fury.

No dignity, no elegance.
Just blood and tears and harpy hairdos.
Exhaustion ensues, combatants collapse.
Pride punished, lesson learned?

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Ha Ha sounds like Newcastle on a Saturday night (I have heard anyway)!!!! enjoyed the read


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