Life Became A Poetry

Life Became A Poetry short poem

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When life deepened and words rose to a mystic high ,
When solitude became a beauty and deep inside
could not understand if pain is a blessing or pleasure a boon ,
when wind whispered in ears sweet nothings ,
his flute a sharp weapon cutting all ties
and world a mysterious puzzle ,
when stars forgot the light years
and shown somewhere near my home ,
when every particle shines in love of mystic creator ,
a caring hand on shoulder more precious than kingdom ,
decoding love language that speaks volume
in joyful strides of kid in meadow or sudden bloom of flower bed ,
when eyes of spirit opens life become a poetry

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Kavita Jain

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a woman who sees the mystic beauty in nature , faith in a majestic creator and love to read the words that come from the depth of heart
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Loved reading your poem. Yes nature is all that you say, beautiful, mysterious, and leads us into
such beautiful poetry. she does have a savage lash at times too.


Wonderful piece and expressed brilliantly. Nature our mother is so beautiful and caring that we cannot stop praising her. Poets in the past Rabindranath Tagore, William Wordsworth and many more praised her. Poets now is praising her and future poets will also praise her. Her beauty is everlasting and it gives a peace and happiness to love mother nature. Providing shed to tired, Providing food to hungry but never does she ask anything in return. Good one @kavita_jain ma’am. Loved to read it.. 🙂


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