Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep short poem

She can barely walk after a gruesome day at work

There are bruises on her forehead, her knees looks like they hurt

Her face looks pale and her smile has gone grim

Her hands look wrinkled, her hair badly needs a trim

She walks upto her bed, and rests her head

Her mind still looks pre-occupied

She remembers she hasn’t had supper yet

But she’s too tired to cook a meal tonight

She glances at a picture on the wall

Looks at a familiar face framed tall

She feels the freckles on her face

She realizes the face has lost its grace

She turns the lights off and pops her medicine in

Tears trickle down her cheek, her eyes begin to thin

A smile breaks through before she begins to weep

And before the clock strikes 12, shes down in deep sleep.

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Mahrukh Ali

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I wrote my first poem when I was 11. Ever since, playing with words and juggling with rhymes almost became second nature. Tried writing various forms but rhymes always came easy to me. Wrote everywhere I could...on class notes, in my head, in my diary. Pursued my dream, studied poetry in college (M.A. Lit) and created a career out of my creative pen. Today, I'm a creative writer by profession, but not for long. Someday I hope to publish my own book of poems! Someday...
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Anjali Khurana
Anjali Khurana


Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Rhymes add to the ambiance of the poem.

Saurin Desai


Read all your works.

It is very difficult to rhyme well. I still struggle with it.

So very nice. Keep writing.

All the best


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