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Imagine a day filled with poetry!
A poem that wakes you up by planting a soft kiss on your forehead, another one that sits by your side when you are sipping that perfect cup of coffee. A poem having breakfast with you and another one accompanying you to work. No, they aren’t done yet. Coffee breaks, lunch meetings, bored patches of routine, deadlines, running errands, waiting for the bus to arrive, billing queues… and while you are doing all this, beautiful thoughts woven in poems peep through the nooks and corners of your being filling the day with a magical bliss. Words to soothe your senses, thoughts to cheer you up and keep you HighOnPoems!

With this thought, HighOnPoems launches daily, weekly and monthly newsletter with choicest of poems fresh out of the oven, that will satiate your soul. As you subscribe to this newsletter, every morning a handful of poems will be waiting for you in your inbox and you can sway in the world of poetry with a mere click of a button. Read poems to your hearts content. Day in, day out. Sending you fresh assorted poetry every day is our responsibility.

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HighOnPoems is a creative platform for amateur poets to publish and share their work by being a part of the most vibrant poetry community. Our objective is to encourage poets thereby enhancing communication within the literary fraternity. We urge poets to write, share their work, communicate with fellow poets and live the poetry experience to the fullest. At HighOnPoems, we are constantly striving to foster sharing of self written poetry amongst friends, bring in diverse themes, varied forms of poems and a lively forum where poetry can be discussed to no limits.
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2 Comments on "Turn Your Days Into Poems"

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Chandrama Deshmukh

What could be better than a poetry soaked day?
Thanks for creating this. I am subscribing right away 🙂

Veerendra Shivhare (Veer)

Perfect !

@chandrama – Me too.


Dreams Of Younger Days

Dreams Of Younger Days prose poem

A dream what is that exactly, a reason to live, love, laugh, follow your heart. His heart, her heart, your heart, my heart, their hearts even our own hearts, from that first newborn smack on our baby bottoms, to wail


Turn short poem

TURN Stones into blossoms Blossoms into flowers Never shall we fall Animosity into friendship Friendship into relationship Never shall we fall Vices into virtues Values of the great Never shall we fall One-step up one-step down Saves us, Dear God

End Of Days

End Of Days short poem

The wind swept trees stand tall like Hercules with all his strength, for here in this place lies the dead and dying of mankind. Here in this turmoil we also see God. Within the desert the winds are stirring again

Poems By The Fire

Poems By The Fire short poem

My second chance is bristling in a fire but you were here you could have changed the conversation, you could have given me your touch, but it dissolved into yesterday, and a furnace I’m a dead man, heart locked away

Poems Like Flowers

Poems Like Flowers ode

Do not be a stranger come on and write. Your poems like flowers in the garden of life. When you are gone there is no sunshine around. So please be here because you are a wonderful scribe. Your words are