Green Vigil

Green Vigil short poem

Photo by andymudrak

In the heavenly abode of dense tropics ,
lies mighty Ashoka, medicinal Neem
and ancient Banyan recounting tales of bygone era ,
mingling with smiling primrose , naughty berries ,
listening to roaring lion , chatting cuckoo,
all living together in harmony.

From nowhere Nagas attacked ,
with bulging eyes , ghastly scars ,
grotesque build ; armed with ,
robotic hatchets and gigantic cranes
killing ceaselessly , spreading horror
and seizing happiness .

The fearless cuckoo flew ,
flew high above the mountains ,
in search of Green Vigil ,
the Neelkanth , crying for him ,
to prevent the doomsday .

Green Vigil , trident in one hand ,
veena in the other ,
battled with their minds ,
teaching co-existence , peace
and bringing forth the rhythm of life .

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Debabani Chandra

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asoke kumar mitra

imagery used here are excellent. well done on the doomsday .


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