A Bird Came Closer

Dear Bird, my bosom friend,
Preach me thy living-art
Weaned of all wicked craft,
Enable wash filthy taint,
Unveil yet another phase,
My own – still hidden- face !

Thus, living a truer life
-To the content of heart and like !
Free from fear and favour
For a moment, if not much… !
-Boring it in others’ mask !!

Tell me thy magic touch
Latent in music pitch
That awakes morning Sun,
So, solace drooping Moon !
Let me sing my own song
-Fiddling own sandy lute
Shunning those fingers out !

It is my maiden song
-Ever I sing of my own –
Nay it a melancholy,
Neither means melodious,
Nor it a psalmody,
Sonnet or Poetry :

But is my in-feeling
Flowing from bowl of soul
Which I sing loud and long
Until skies echo them !
-Not in an inebriate
Manner but – celebrate !!

I want live : “I” as “I”
Like you do still as “you”
Leaving self virtual print
-Painting no colours in;
Plucking no feathers out !!

Flying still far and high
You might feed more in eye !
-Despite all worldly plight,
What excels you delight ?!

(O’ my bird, I do know
Not a word – adorn you !)
-Teach me thy life-secret;
Tell me that sacred book !!

I may then join yet
Un-binding joyous flight;
Winging my will and wit,
Winning all gloomy thoughts …!!

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KKV PeringottukaraOfficial Name : K.K. VENUGOPALAN.Employed in M/s. J.M. BAXI & CO., Bhavnagar, Gujarat – India, as - Asst.General Manager (Branch Head) Edu.Qlfn : M.A. E-Lit., PG Dip in Biz.Mgmt, Dip. in Eng.Journ.Have fascination for Literature, mainly poetry. Writing Poems & Articles in various periodicals – both Malayalam & English. Published Three books of Poems in Malayalam (Jaithrayathra, Thenthullikal & Punarjjani). Belonging to Kerala State, Peringottukara, Trichur Dist.Wife : Radha Venugopal, Daughter : Viji Nithin, Son : Sujith Venugopal
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The art of writing…. carry on…


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