On Esoteric Science

On Esoteric Science long poem

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Reading esoteric science books
I can foresee how a human being looks!
Getting to know myself
Starting to organize my bookcase shelf
A visible being I am indeed
Knowing the invisible me, I feel I am freed
Freed from running away
From the world I can easily accept today
Looking at my past lives
Rearranging my hives
Reaching a reconciliation
Between a forest dweller and the city civilization
The clash within me was so strong
To live in the forest where I belong
Living in a city I never accepted
Complete refusal that is how I reacted
The fight within was a desert with no oasis
It led me towards multiple sclerosis
After I met esoteric scientific friends
The fight within clams down and ends
It ends up setting me free
To clarify my destiny
Stars up in the sky
Glow with colors and music to uplift me high
Decorating my invisible Christmas tree
A walking tree trunk I can be
Spreading enlightenment everywhere
For those far away for those gathering there
Read esoteric science books
Get to know how existence works
Go listen to an esoteric science lecture
Start your self-discovery adventure
Feel the words of The Teacher
Understand His look comprehend His behavior
His task is to explain
His mission is to gain
To gain a peaceful life
To free every nation from a continuous strife
Thank You Teacher I am so grateful
Your books and lectures are far beyond wonderful
The way you are marching is wide and graceful
The words you are teaching are clear and thoughtful
Your words will spread
A bright future you build
All suns visible and invisible
Clarify the way: pleasant and detectable

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Nada Amine Awar

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I am a Lebanese female poet, researcher and writer in Arabic and English.Fourth of January, 1957 I was born in Quarnayel, Lebanon. Being an only daughter among three sons, gave my whole life an aromatic taste. I got a master degree in political science from the American University of Beirut. Mahatma Gandhi is the only politician I follow and respect. Gamal Abd Nasir is the only Arab leader I admire. Rabindranath Tagore is my spiritual master. His poetry, writings, music, and universal thought is a real fountain for my spiritual uplifting. Chief Seattle’s “Message To the Modern World” broadened my views and deepened my interrelationships with Mother Nature and the GREAT SPIRIT. John Lennon is my daily friend. I recognize his song “Imagine” as my national anthem. I am a fan of Yoko Ono; I appreciate what she gave to the “whole world” through her love to John. I believe that the cosmic law is the only law that any creature must follow in order to understand the simple truth of life and death: that is another form of existence.
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