Quest short poem

I opened my eyes and saw her first,

She was my savior in hunger and thirst,

I cling to her till I grew

And then I wanted something new.

A passion drove me to taste and smell,

The world that they fondly call as ‘hell’,

I took my turn and did my best

But then I grew up and needed some rest.

She looked at me, a twinkle in her eye,

I could feel myself smiling, don’t know why,

I held her hand damp; said “be mine”

And then started looking for another sign.

They gave me a job and said you’re good,

I could manage the house and the food,

But then one day when boredom struck

I went back and asked “Is this my luck?”

She gave me a son to carry my name,

And with him came more money and fame,

‘A perfect life’, the tag was true

But I grew out of it, for something new

My wrinkled face and graying hair,

No other life to live in spare,

Then one day I found a pen

And began to write all over again.

From letters to words the pages grew,

And yet each time the meaning was new,

Every word I felt had a life of its own

They often spoke to me in flesh and bone.

Never before had I felt this way,

My lifelong quest found solace that day,

I felt complete with each new word

You may have read or carefully heard.

I am leaving my thoughts and words for you,

Just in case you’re looking for something new

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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Chandrama Deshmukh is a writer by profession and a poet by passion. Moonlit Monochrome is her first collection of English poems. She has authored two books of Marathi poems. A storyteller of sorts, the moon is her muse. Poetry for Chandrama is that one streak of silver lining amidst the chaos of life. Being an avid reader, photography enthusiast and a part-time playwright, she believes nothing touches her soul the way poetry does.Buy a copy of Moonlit Monochrome - | | FlipKart | Infibeam | Smashwords | Google Play | Amazon KindleWhat Is Moonlit Monochrome?I am picking up pieces of life And handing them over to you. Dipped in words. And longing. This book is a map of my soul. My moonlit monochrome.- Chandrama
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Swathi Rao


Nikita Mehendiratta

This is so beautiful Mam. Lovely.



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