Long Time No See

Long Time No See short poem

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Alas! This distance call,
To a friend with love.
Though lost in time,
This time I find,
this friend of mine;
here in my mind,
the terrain of substitution
the land of freedom.
put in a place where love herds,
though lost, but live and in there dwell.
I’ve lost a friend who did no wrong
left so long
this lonely song
“Distance, carries a portion of love;
Time does the worse!
Winds of uncertainty, break its walls,
Negative co-incidence spoils it all!
But trust on love’s words
Builds the walls of love
stronger than before”

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Lee Owen

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I am Aghedo-Owen Ogbewi Lee, a Nigerian. I am a poet, musician and writer. I live in Lagos.
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Editorial Board

@lee_owen, it could be discerned from your arrangement that this piece may very well be a song.
It is not unusual for poems to be such. In fact, poems like the villanelle, madrigals and other variations are written for a melody.

Savi Mani

Dear @kee_owen ……..oh a wonderful heart touching poem…….felt the pain of losing a dear one……the dear one has left distanced by time distanced by distance but the memories remain …….the love the affection grows stronger which even time and distance cant touch………loved your poem

Savi Mani

Dear @lee_owen I am extremely sorry for the typographical error in your name since there is no provision to correct the comments, I hereby apologise…sorry ..


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