To Her

To Her short poem

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To her once for whom,
I soulfully lied,
for whose glee then,
the whole world was defied….

And when she said,
people say ya… they say too,
I promised her that,
I will stay…. yes I do….

To her with whom…I shared,
that part of unknown me,
which remains hidden,
which others can’t just see…

Back then there was something,
running around her mind there,
she was looking for some reasons,
trying to end it somewhere….

To her I wrote a part of me,
what I really felt about,
but that part dies…,
with every day with every bout…

And now words choke,
they feel like tonnes of load,
with every minute I spend,
with her every change of tone…

To her I am dead…..,
left all about is a corpse,
rotting in down there,
from…. within the core..

And I know she is rational,
my words can’t just move her,
she has her ones now,
she won’t look back here…

To her I would say,
I am afraid I won’t dare…,
to let someone again,
really close back… there.

And I am a loner now,
with no one there to hold,
wandering around aimlessly,
with nothing worth to behold….

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Pranay Kumar

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