Reasons for loving all the seasons

Reasons for loving all the seasons short poem

In you, is the sunshine of the summer,

That burns me to work harder and smile longer,

Awakens me to challenge the world’s stubbornness …..

In you, is the dancing rain of the monsoon,

Who takes me higher and rejuvenates me,

Relieves me with her soothing coolness….

In you, are the untamed winds of the winter,

Whose chills make my journey a thriller,

Make me fly to you in your wildness ….

In you, I feel the spirit of the springs,

Giving my soul a new song to sing,

Fulfilling my heart with immense happiness…

These are the simple reasons to love all these seasons,

That, I see them all in you ……

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Vish Shar

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ZNMD- kya matlab hai iska .. samjho toh samajh mein aata hai, na samjho toh dimaag se jaata hai ! kya sikhate hain yeh chaar shabd humein, kya kisine socha? zindagi na kal mein jeene mein hai aur na hi kal mein... aaj ko jee lo wohi zindagi hai..Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Soul, Spirit, Khwaab, Shayari aur haan Zindagi..jee lo... aur jeene do...
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Swathi Rao

Good one!


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