For A While

For A While short poem

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Life – as a whole,
A noble gift of God !
Human of-course, is
The noblest of all !!
Man alone a
Prototype of God :
All “ in action and
Vision”, so..…, as well ?!

Those who worship a
Creator, in need,
Respect also His
Creations indeed !
God finds rest
Seldom at the height
Nor in the Church,
Temple and the Mosque;
But in the hearts
Of the poor folk,
And the acts of
All the ‘goodness’ sprout !!

God is above the cast,
Creed, tribe and sect;
He belongs to no
Class, that we know !
Way to please the God
The most, is short :-
Love Nature and its
Creatures at their best

Spreading panic and
Terror is the sin,
As is wilful act
Full of venom in !
Never deserves a
Pardon for this err.
Crime against God ? –
Punishment pricks hard !

Snatching right o live
Unlike light to lamp.
Latter re-lit ever !
Former retrieved never !

Life is precious – divine,
None is allowed malign !
Mortal cannot lay
Claim on its sports;
It’s the President of
All the immortals –
Whom we sense and call :
“ God, The Almighty !!”

Think it FOR A WHILE
Before acting wild !!

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Simple,Sweet and ideal for this century. Good Message.


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