Helping Hand

Helping Hand short poem

Photo by Gayle Nicholson

There’s no one to talk to,
Nobody understands,
Nobody feels like you do,
You need a helping hand.

No matter how you feel,
There’s always someone there,
Someone to help you heal,
Someone who really cares.

You feel the world’s against you,
Feel that no one cares,
No one can feel like you do,
A world of cruel despair.

You’re hurting deep inside,
Screaming in your mind,
Push away the ones you love,
Even though they’re being kind.

The pain you feel inside you,
It hurts beyond repair,
But no matter how you’re feeling,
There’s always someone there

When you feel at your lowest,
You feel that all is lost,
There’s someone there right beside you,
No matter what the cost.

A deep dark journey you are on,
But never forget these words,
There’s always someone there,
To help you through the worst.

They’ve always got a helping hand,
To help you when you fall,
Ready with an arm around you,
Anytime you call.

Please don’t feel alone,
In a world of hurt and pain,
They’re always there to help you,
Help you smile again.

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John Summers

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I am a father of 6 children who has had a love of poetry for many years.It wasn't until my fire was rekindled by a fellow poet,good mate and a man who gave me lots of advice at the start,Darren Scanlon.In just over a year i have written 50 poems of all types and am hoping later this year (2015) to publish my first book.
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Darren Scanlon

Nicely done!


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