That Feeling

Amazing, immaculate, magnificant,
Words that can even come close to explaining,
The plains, the realms, the worlds,
The places I’ve experienced and visited with you,
Sitting, laying, staring, holding and waking
These moments, I cherish, I look forward to
All the love, the kisses and thoughts we shared
No one can understand us, we are misunderstood
I would jump to my death in mid breath
In between heart beats, knowing I’ll be alive
Invincible I feel with the love I carry inside
Frozen in time and space when we are near
Bring the impossible possible
Proving that love like our exists
I met you but knew you
I knew you but never met you
Feeling so amazing, so phenomenal
Like I belong right here, at this time
With you; I know I can fly
My wings are made of our love
That feeling I feel for the one
That makes life worth living and so vivid
That feeling you give me
That feeling we share..

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