The Watcher

The Watcher short poem

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The watcher, he sits over there,
Staring,I can see him staring his evil glare,
He’s the watcher, he watches ’till I sleep,
Then he’ll come for me creep, creep,
I drift alone into a world of dread,
I cannot move,can’t lift my head,
The watcher he watches with demon eyes,
I scream out, nobody hears my cries,
But the watcher crawls over, he doesn’t care,
He climbs upon my chest so bare,
The fright, the cries, nobody comes,
I’m all alone in his catacombs,
I cannot breathe chest so tight,
But I must, I must start to fight,
I’m weak I’m tired,the watcher is strong,
My date with the devil won’t be long,
I beg him, please don’t take me today,
I’m shaking,sweating,the fear won’t go away,
My body’s paralysed by a fear unknown,
But the watcher just won’t leave me alone,
Then just as quick in a flash of light,
The watcher has gone into the night,
I know that he the watcher is there,
Watching, waiting to catch me to snare,
To snare my soul for lucifer’s cause,
To tear at my throat with ravenous claws,
The light it came to save me today,
The watcher he’s there not going away,
Tonight he’ll be back to terrorise my mind,
Perhaps tonight he won’t be so kind!

Written by John Summers 11th June 2014 © 2014 John Summers. All rights reserved

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I am a father of 6 children who has had a love of poetry for many years.It wasn't until my fire was rekindled by a fellow poet,good mate and a man who gave me lots of advice at the start,Darren Scanlon.In just over a year i have written 50 poems of all types and am hoping later this year (2015) to publish my first book.
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Darren Scanlon

Always makes me feel uncomfortable this one. Excellent piece but sooner you than me, my friend!


Fear and pain in this poem, which is very disturbing…but its true and well-written…