Across The Universe

Across The Universe long poem

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I look up the at the stars at night,
and wonder how they bring light to my blurry sight.

I look up at the moon that shines so bright,
and wonder how it feels to sleep while I dream of it smiling at me every night.

If I can count the stars, how long till I finished counting?
If I can name all of them, how long will I remember all of them smiling?

If I can sing to the moon, will it light up my window and sing with me?
Will the moon sleep as well if I’ll stand and watch it freely?

Across the universe, there are plenty of things to see.
Across the universe, there are places we can find safety.

If you close your eyes and open your mind to a place where you want to be,
Will you choose the universe to explore and be amazed of what it could be?

If you close your eyes and open your mind to see the twinkling of stars dancing in front of you,
Will you lay down your hands and dance with them until the moonlight is through?

I dare you to sit in the shades of the tree or open your sliding window and look at the sky,
and tell me how beautiful are the stars and the moon up high!

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Reagan Latumbo

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Singer. Poet Writer.I love singing and singing will always be my stint forever.Just like what I have said above, I am totally a lover of poems.I wrote straight from the heart, from my experience.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in the Philippines.I dreamed of publishing some of my poems I wrote a few years back until now.
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