I’m all about the extremes
But not in this case
Don’t give me no black or white
I love me a little bit of Grey
I don’t really wanna have an opinion
I don’t really wanna chose a path
I just wanna be staring at crossroads
Walk on with no worries of an aftermath
I don’t wanna be made to choose
I don’t wanna hear a reprimand
I don’t wanna have a made up mind
Gimme some confusion on demand
‘Coz it’s the choices we make, the paths we take, the places they lead us to,
It’s the hearts we break, the emotions at stake and the times that we feel blue..
It’s all of this, it’s all of that
Its a kaleidoscope of black and white
The amalgamation that is called Grey
The difference between living and life..
You gotta wake up at eight
Get to work at nine
You do it everyday and think
“hey! But This choice wasn’t mine!?”
You do it ‘coz you’re told
This is the ‘white’ way
Unless you wanna be called ‘black’
You’d better do it as they say..
I say screw those preachers
I won’t give up without a fight
I’m gonna sleep all day
And stay up all night
I’m gonna work at twilight
And pray at noon
I’m gonna sleep after midnight
Not a moment too soon.
‘Coz it’s the fun I have, the times I cry
That help me on my way up,
It’s the errors I make, the chances I take,
Drunken brawls and throwing up..
It’s all of this , it’s all of that
There’s a reason we call it ‘life’
It’s a whole lot of grey, a whole new way
The thrill of living on the edge of a knife
Next time in life..When you’re at crossroads
Don’t chose the black or white way..
Create a new path, all on your own,
And we shall name it ‘GREY’

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ramakrishnan chatakondu

Good thought…….the secret of success is to take less travelled roads .


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