Dream Of Being In A Trefoil Tunnel

Dream Of Being In A Trefoil Tunnel long poem

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A Dream of Being in a Trefoil Tunnel

In one out-of-body, space, time and dream,
I am a shade swooshing in a trefoil stream-
In a tunnel wherein a whoosh up is a glide
Round a bend that is a ride down an up-slide;
That is how a mind comes to know the plot:
I am in the smooth bind of a trefoil knot!
And here in sleep, subliminal meet sublime,
Inside-out of the senses, outside-in of time!

I go pass the upturns of days riding a light-beam,
I go pass the downturns of nights at time-zero;
Light and shadow flee as one intermittent stream
At vaporeal velocities the mass of radii sub-zero;
And ignoramuses the hulk of hippopotamuses,
And savants the brain of many polycephaluses,
Atheists, Quakers, agnostics and whatnots, alike
Swoosh as zeros of nothing in the half-light.

Ignoramus et ignorabimus! I wake but know not
If death be a cingulated sleep so dark and deep
One dreams not of waking but of staying asleep!


This seemingly surreal poem is a refutation of out-of-body near-death experiences. Upon recovering from a near-death experiences the individual often reports being in a tunnel of light, of feeling warmth, and of meeting Jesus (or some such persons) who then tells him to return to his body. The persona in the poem does not claim to have a near-death experience; he merely has a dream of a near-death experience (NDE) – in which he leaves his body and finds himself in a trefoil tunnel. The trefoil is regarded as a symbol of infinity. To refute out-of-body experiences, the poet checks superstitions with science. For instant, the NDE individual reports of walking at a normal pace in the tunnel. This, the poet counters, cannot be correct. A departed soul travels at the speed of light (if not faster) because it has no mass. Indeed, if a soul could pass through solids, it has less mass than a photon (particle of light). Its speed should therefore be superluminal!.

Ignoramus et ignorabimus: Latin for ‘I do not know and shall not know’
Cingulated: bound within a cingulum, medical term for a girdle-like structure

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