A Prayer, if Wishy-washy, to Myself

A Prayer, if Wishy washy, to Myself short poem

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Grant me but these easy wishes:
Simple fare my daily dishes;
Safe fare from vice and vanity;
Work-joy, love, peace and sanity;
A quiet mind and quiet breath
And when I die, a quiet death;
Thereafter, grant me dissolution,
Anonymity and sweet oblivion
So I need no telegnostic heaven
Nor fear hell but etherized of evil,
Be amortized of God and devil.
And if these be wishy-washy wishes
Or to God and devil diabolical dishes,
Nor move Neither to do good but evil,
How is God different from the devil?
O, Sins that live forever! how sad!
If God like Satan is never any good
For it would seem, or one may deem,
God is Satan in a good mood,
Satan is God in a bad.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book “Arrow of Time

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4 Comments on "A Prayer, if Wishy-washy, to Myself"

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I just loved your last two lines, well I enjoyed the whole poem, but the last two lines made me chuckle.
I certainly would not like to offend a believer in a god but those two lines summed it up for me .

Sourabh Mishra

Really last two lines are nice…. They bring smile on your lips.. Nice poem.


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