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Singapore Poet short poem

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The poet in cornucopian Singapore
Is an ergonomic misadventure;
He’s little less and little more
The definitive backbencher;
He cannot sit easy
At his table or in his chair
Without wondering where
He fits in the economy!

Poet! When asked never say,
‘I write poetry,’ for vicariously,
Sick mind, sick leave and sick pay
Come to mind invariably;
For the money economy will size
You up with terse empathy in the eye
That means to say, ‘Sorry I asked,
You dumb arse.’

Notes for Singapore Poet
You can’t make a living writing poetry (but you can have good times writing poems). In this poem, the economy is personified as a skeptic looking askant on the poet.
Cornucopian: of cornucopia (symbol of prosperity)
Ergonomic: of the applied science of enhancing efficiency and productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort
Misadventure: a mishap or misfortune
Definitive: conclusively agreed upon
Backbencher: (a less important) MP who sits at the back (intended as a metaphor)
Vicariously: of taking part in the experience or feelings of another
Invariably: without variation or change
Money economy: economy in which profit is the chief objective
Terse: brief and to the point
Empathy: feeling of deep sympathy

This poem is part of the Poetry Book “Arrow of Time

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I certainly get this, poets do not earn a living until mmmmm maybe they have passed. Sorry about the pun, but yes the enjoyment from writing surpasses money. I kept nodding my head on the re-read too.


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