Little Lives in Between Little Deaths

Little Lives in Between Little Deaths short poem

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Little lives are what we put away
In closets at night; mementos of the day
Cry out, ‘Live us or hie us away!’
Do you not know? Stars and moon sigh
In the wind, ‘Unbind us, too soon we die!
We die too much every day!’
Little deaths are what we retrieve
Of closets at dawn; yesterday’s brief
Cry out, ‘Live us or hive us away!’
Do you not hear? Sun and cloud cry
In the wind, ‘Unbind us, too soon we die!
We live too little everyday!’
Unbolt all bars, doors and windows!
Breath of death chills where it blows;
We bind us too much everyday!
Live in the sky, stars, sun and moon;
Live free, live life; we wither too soon;
All bolts, locks and keys throw away.

Notes for Little Lives in Between Little Deaths
This poem is built around two simple activities we subconsciously perform every day – going to bed each night and rising each morning. What is subconscious in these activities is the putting away of our burdens only for us to retrieve them in the morning. All nature cries out to be free – there is no reason why humans should, subconsciously or no, burden themselves.

Hie; hasten
Brief: summary of important matters
Hive: to separate or remove from a group

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Arrow of Time

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4 Comments on "Little Lives in Between Little Deaths"

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Ah Lawrence another great. Your poems always make me think deeply
after reading once, twice, thrice. New words (for me at least) which you always
explain, and not matter my first thoughts, you explain your poem which to me
the reader is great.

Editorial Board

@lawrencechew Congratulations for this winning entry in the Short Poem category of the Freedom Fest Campaign! It is a poem which truly depicts the lives of multitudes, going through the rote of living, but are we really alive or free? Most readers will relate to this piece of verse, in some way or the other, for it captures the essence of the bondage imposed upon our daily lives. Worthy winner for sure!


Thank you, Editorial Board. Nice, encouraging comment!


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