Life as an Old Man’s Déjà Vu

It feels like in some place
Else, I’ve been here – now, then
And before! I seem to embrace
A life of times I know not when;
The fall of this evening’s sunset
Ripens red recesses in the head;
I seem to remember a pale rosette
Of suns in a place of the dead;
I think my gone life is a stream
Of one long fuzzed-out dream,
One half forgotten; the other, ridden
Of all I’ve been or didn’t.
Come, deepening night! While rife
Is life, half-bury my half-lived life
And half-died breaths in meadows
Sun-setting in déjà vu shadows!

Notes for Life as an Old Man’s Déjà Vu
A surreal poem in which time and place are fuzzed out like the dreams we have. The dream-like atmosphere is created through the use run-on lines, alliterations and sibilants.
Alliterations are words beginning with the same letter or sounds. Sibilants are words with an s or z sound. In this poem, sibilants are employed to create an atmosphere of sleep and possibly, somnambulism.

Ripens red recesses: an example of alliteration
A pale rosette/of suns: a combination of sibilants and run-on lines to blur distinctions
Fuzzed-out dreams: an example of sibilants

This poem is part of the Poetry Book Arrow of Time

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4 Comments on "Life as an Old Man’s Déjà Vu"

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I love your poems Lawrence as you explain them too. Sometimes I have read
a different meaning until you explain yours. MMMM such is poetry, this one
yes I felt it too, sometimes when one gets older and daydreams!!! the blending
of sureal and what is true catches up with you. You have described this with eloquence.
A lovely read.


I blush SURREAL no this one is bright red ha ha.


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